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* The Boys Next Door


7" 1978 "These Boots Are Made For Walking"/"Boy Hero" March '78,

1000 - 1500 copies.

Suicide 103140

LP 1978 "Lethal Weapons", compilation of Aussie punk bands. May 1978.

The original Suicide release exists in both black and white

vinyl. A white label promo of the Mushroom rerelease exists

as well. Boys Next Door tracks are:

These Boots Are Made For Walking

Masturbation Generation

Boy Hero

Suicide VXL 2407

Suicide VXLI 4072

Mushroom Records L27112 (White Label 1983 rerelease)

CA 1979 "From The Archives" Aussie cassette contains "Scatterbrain",

as well as the track "Enemy Of State" by the Torn Ox Bodeys

(anagram of Boys Next Door). 1982 rerelease also contains

"Ho Ho" (sung by Nick), and "Pleasure Heads" (live 15/1/82).

Missing Link

7" 1979 "Shivers"/"Dive Position". Exists with two different designs.

Purple sleeve with Mushroom printed on it, as well as on the

label, or purple sleeve with Festival on it, with mushrooms

drawn on the label, as well as the contour of Australia.

Original copies have old Mushroom beige label.

Mushroom K7492

LP/CD 1979 "Door Door". Contents:

CA The Nightwatchman

Brave Exhibitions

Friends Of My World

The Voice

Roman Roman

Somebody's Watching

After A Fashion

Dive Position

I Mistake Myself


Mushroom Records, D 19227 (C 19227 for cassette)

Mushroom, L 36931

Mute, DOORCD 1 (1993 rerelease)

Alfa Records, (Japanese rerelease)

IRS CD 971.281 (1993 rerelease)

EP 1979 "Hee Haw" 1st pressing 500 copies included an insert sheet.

(Some of?) first pressing had labels on the wrong sides.

December 1979. Later released as a Birthday Party EP.

A Catholic Skin

The Red Clock

Faint Heart

Death By Drowning

The Hair Shirt

Missing Link, MLEP-3

Missing Link, ING 008 (rerelease)

7" 1979 "Scatterbrain", gig freebie at the Crystal Ballroom in

St. Kilda. 500 copies with band picture. November 1979.

Crystal Ballroom CBR 1

7" 1979 "Hangin' Around The House/Holiday House" by Peter Lillee

and the Leisuremasters, has Mick Harvey playing guitar,

and in the June 1979 Roadrunner, Bruce Milne says (in his

independent singles column) of the same single, "I'm not one

to spread possible blackmail rumours but the Boys Next Door

can be heard on the flip singing 'grouse' at the end of the

lines." At least Phill and Mick are doing background vocals.

Missing Link MLS4

7" 1980 "Samurai Star/The Man From Brashs/Dangerman Theme" by Peter Lillee

features Mick Harvey, Rowland S. Howard and Phill Calvert.

Missing Link MLS12

7" 1980 "Happy Birthday"/"Riddle House", also a gig give-away,

750 copies. February 1980.

Missing Link, MLS 16


* Tuff Monks

7" 1982 "After The Fireworks"/"After After The Fireworks"

by Tuff Monks, i.e. Nick Cave, Mick Harvey, Roland S Howard,

Grant McLennan, Robert Forster, and Lindy Morrison.

The last 3 were from the Go-Betweens. Exists with two

different labels. One (the Australian?) says "A Missing

Link production", the other doesn't.

Au-Go-Go ANDA 22


* The Birthday Party


LP 1980 "The Birthday Party", originally credited to Boys Next Door.

1982 rerelease has a different cover, and doesn't mention

Boys Next Door anymore.

Mr. Clarinet

Hats On Wrong

The Hair Shirt

Guilt Parade

Riddle House

The Friend Catcher

Waving My Arms

The Red Clock

Cat Man

Happy Birthday

Missing Link, Link 7

CA 1980 "Fast Forward #2", Aussie cassette: "Figure Of Fun", "Yard",

(from 1st peel session) plus interview. November 1980.

Fast Forward

7" 1980 "The Friend Catcher", b-side: "Waving My Arms", "Catman"

4AD, AD 12

7" 1980 "Mr. Clarinet", b-side: "Happy Birthday". Exists in two different

labels: one is brown, black &white, another is just black & white.

A 4AD white label promo exists as well.

Missing Link MLS 18 (Australia, July 1980)

4AD, AD 114 (UK, October 1981)

LP/CD 1981 "Prayers On Fire", The Virgin lp release on red vinyl also

contains the extra tracks. The Greek issue of the lp

contains "Release The Bats" as bonus track. The Statik Japanese

lp version has both "Release the Bats" and "BLast Off" as bonus

tracks. A 4AD white label promo exists as well.

Zoo Music Girl



Nick The Stripper


Figure Of Fun

King Ink

A Dead Song


Dull Day

Just You And Me

+CD+ Blundertown

+CD+ Kathy's Kisses

4AD, CAD 104

Virgin, VOZ 2038

Thermidor Records T-2 (USA)

Propellor (New Zealand)

Missing Link, LINK 14 CD

Missing Link, LINK 14 (LP) distr. Powderworks / RCA

Missing Link, LINK 14 (LP) distr. 7 Records

Polygram/Statik STAT 3103 (Greek issue)

Shock Records, CAKE 2

STATIK/TRIO RECORDS, AW-23014 (Japanese lp version)

2.13.61 Records, CD21318

GeeBeeDee (Number: 0613) (LP 1981, Germany)

12" 1981 "Nick The Stripper", b-side: "Blundertown", "Kathy's Kisses"

Exists with 2 different sleeves: black/white and blue/pink.

Missing Link, MSD 479

7" 1981 "Nick The Stripper", b-side: "Blundertown"

Missing Link, MLS 32

Missing Link, MISS 32 (this was misprint of the label)

Propellor, K8424 (New Zealand)

7/12" 1981 "Release The Bats", b-side: "Blast Off"

4AD, AD 111 (7")

Missing Link, MISS 37.12 (12" - released in 1983)

4AD, BAD 307 (4AD UK promo dated 26.05.1983)

CA 1982 "Kino Aus Der Kassette", German compilation cassette contains

one Birthday Party live track with Lydia Lunch from

Koln, Stollwerk, July 2, 1982.

LP/CD 1982 "Junkyard", The Virgin lp release on pink vinyl also

contains the first two extra tracks. The Missing Link CD

does not contain "Dead Joe, second version".

She's Hit

Dead Joe

The Dim Locator

Hamlet (Pow, Pow, Pow)

Several Sins


Kiss Me Black

Six Inch Gold Blade

Kewpie Doll


+CD+ Release The Bats

+CD+ Blast Off

+CD+ Dead Joe, second version

4AD, CAD 207

Virgin, VOZ 2049

Missing Link, LINK 21 CD

Shock Records, CAKE 3

GEE BEE DEE, GBD-0040 (Obscure German label lp)

2.13.61 Records, CD21317

Expanded Music Bologna, EX 34 (made in Italy)

7" 1982 "Dead Joe" single sided 7"-flexi, alternate take,

UK - Tactic Music, Masterbag BAG 005

LP/CD 1982 "Drunk On The Pope's Blood", a-side only,

(b-side: Lydia Lunch: "The Agony Is The Ecstacy")

live 26 November 81, London, The Venue. The Missing Link

CD rerelease from 1994 contains interesting bonus tracks:

Pleasure Heads

King Ink

Zoo Music Girl


+CD+ Ho Ho (sung by Cave)

+CD+ The Plague

+CD+ Scatterbrain

+CD+ The Friend Catcher (alternate version)

+CD+ Dead Joe (alternate version)

+CD+ After The Fireworks (Tuff Monks)

+CD+ After, After The Fireworks (Tuff Monks)

4AD, JAD 202

Missing Link, LINK 29 CD

CA 1982 "Fast Forward #10", Aussie cassette: "Release The Bats",

plus interview. January 1982.

Fast Forward

EP 1983 "The Friend Catcher"

Release The Bats

Blast Off

The Friend Catcher

Mr. Clarinet

Happy Birthday

4AD, BAD 307

EP 1983 "Hee Haw", (same as the Boys Next Door release) contents:

A Catholic Skin

The Red Clock

Faint Heart

Death By Drowning

The Hair Shirt

Missing Link, ING 008

EP 1983 "The Bad Seed", a 4AD white label promo release of this,

dated 3.12.1982, exists.

Sonny's Burning

Wild World

Fears Of Gun

Deep In The Woods

4AD, BAD 301

Powerworks, POWT 2007 (Australia)

EP 1983 "Mutiny", both a 33 and a 45 rpm exist, contents:

Jennifer's Veil



Say A Spell

Mute Records, MUTE 29 (45 rpm)

Vogue VG 114 (33 rpm)

Vogue VG 311026 (France, 33 rpm)

Powderworks POWT 2011 (Australia, 1983)

LP/CD 1985 "It's Still Living", live album, Astor Theatre, Melbourne,

15 Jan. 82, almost the complete show (one song is missing).

Released on CD in 1991. Aussie release on green vinyl exists.

A promo of the Missing Link LP exists as well.

King Ink

Zoo Music Girl

The Dim Locator

She's Hit

A Dead Song

Pleasure Heads


Blast Off

Release The Bats

Nick The Stripper

Big Jesus Trash Can

Dead Joe

Missing Link, ING 009 (LP)

Missing Link, LINK 28 CD

Virgin Records, VOZ 2048

LP 1985 "A Collection", a.k.a. 'Best and Rarest', contents:

Blast Off

The Hair Shirt

King Ink


Big Jesus Trashcan

Release The Bats


Kathy's Kisses

Ho Ho (here it is sung by Nick Cave)

The Friend Catcher (alternate version)


The Plague

Missing Link, Link 22

Missing Link/Suite Beat, Link 22 (USA)

CD 1987 "A Collection", contents is different from lp:

Blast Off

The Hair Shirt

King Ink


Big Jesus Trashcan

Release The Bats

She's Hit

Kathy's Kisses

The Friend Catcher (not the alternate version?)

Zoo Music Girl

Nick The Stripper


Missing Link, SBCD 2017

EP/CD 1987 "The Peel Sessions: The Birthday Party" from 28/4/81.

Release The Bats

Rowland Around In That Stuff

Pleasure Heads


Strange Fruit Records, SFPS 020 (on CD: SFPSCD 020)

CD 1988 "Hee Haw", the song order on the 4AD and Missing Link CD's

is different. This is a compilation of the "Hee Haw" EP

and the "Birthday Party" LP.

The Friend Catcher

Waving My Arms


Mr. Clarinet

Happy Birthday

A Catholic Skin

The Red Clock

Faint Heart

Death By Drowning

The Hair Shirt

Hats On Wrong

Guilt Parade

Riddle House

4AD, CAD 307

Missing Link, LINK 7 CD

Shock Records, CAKE 1

2.13.61 Records, CD21319

LP/CD 1988 "Honeymoon In Red", by Lydia Lunch. Features Tracey Pew,

CA Rowland S Howard, Mick Harvey, produced by Clint Ruin.

Nick and Mick appear with aliases because they didn't

like the end product. Cave sings on

Done Dun

Dead In The Head

Widowspeak WSP 12

Atavistic, Canada

Torso Records, TORSO 33064 (Netherlands)

Widowspeak/EFA/Torso Torso cd146 (Germany)

12" 1988 "The Crumb", by Lydia Lunch. b-side "Done Dun" with Cave.

CA Widowspeak WSP 13

EP/CD 1988 "The Peel Sessions: The Birthday Party II" from 10/12/81.

Big Jesus Trash Can

She's Hit

Bully Bones

Six Inch Gold Blade

Strange Fruit Records, SFPS 058

video 1988 "Pleasure Heads Must Burn", live recordings from two gigs

in Manchester, Hacienda, 22 July 82 (1-6), and

24 Feb 83 (8-14), except for "Nick The Stripper" which is

a video of the song. Colour, 60 minutes. Contents:

Dead Joe

A Dead Song


Release The Bats

Pleasure Heads

Big Jesus Trash Can

Nick The Stripper


Pleasure Avalanche

Six Inch Gold Blade

Wild World

Six Strings

Sonny's Burning

She's Hit


CD 1989 "Mutiny/The Bad Seed" plus two outtakes...

Sonny's Burning

Wild World

Fears Of Gun

Deep In The Woods

Pleasure Avalanche

Jennifer's Veil

Mutiny In Heaven

Swamp Land

Say A Spell

Pleasure Avalanche

The Six Strings That Drew Blood

4AD, CAD 301 CD

Shock Records, CAKE 4 (Australia 1996)

2.13.61 Records, CD21320

CD/LP 1992 "Hits", a nice compilation. The track listing is from the US

version. The UK version CD/LP includes Six Inch Gold Blade.

The Friend Catcher

Happy Birthday

Mr. Clarinet

Nick The Stripper

Zoo Music Girl

King Ink

Release The Bats

Blast Off

She's Hit

Hamlet (Pow, Pow, Pow)

Dead Joe


Big Jesus Trash Can

Wild World

Sonny's Burning

Deep In The Woods


Jennifer's Veil

Mutiny In Heaven

4AD, 9 45087-2 (US version)

4AD, DAD 2016 CD (UK CD)

Shock Records, CAKE 5 (Australia, 1996)

CA 1992 "Hits" 5-track USA promo cassette

Nick The Stripper

Release The Bats

Sonny's Burning

Deep In The Woods

Jennifer's Veil

4AD, no number

LP/CD 1993 "Dirty Pearl", great album by Anita Lane.

One Birthday Party song:

The Fullness Of His Coming

Mute Records, STUMM 81

Pony Canyon, PCCY-00789

CDBOX 1994 "Definite Missing Link Recordings 1979-1982".

A box with 5 CD's (LINK 7 CD, LINK 14 CD, LINK 21 CD,

LINK 28 CD, LINK 29 CD) and an (uninteresting) booklet.

Missing Link, LINK 30

CD 1995 "213CD Sampler 1995", Henry Rollins preferences compilation

disc contains

Hamlet (Pow, Pow, Pow) (live Bremen, 1/7/82)

CD 1999 "Live 1981-82"

"Funhouse" with Jim Foetus Thirlwell on sax.

1-10: London, The Venue 26/11/81

11-16: Bremen, Aladin 01/07/82

17: Athens, Sporting 17/09/82


A Dead Song

The Dim Locator

Zoo Music Girl

Nick The Stripper

Blast Off

Release The Bats

Bully Bones

King Ink

Pleasure Heads Must Burn

Big Jesus Trash Can

Dead Joe

The Friend Catcher

Six Inch Gold Blade


She's Hit



Shock Records, CAKE6CD

CD 2001 "The John Peel Sessions", all 4 sessions finally released



Figure Of Fun

King Ink

Release The Bats

Rowland Around In That Stuff

(Sometimes) Pleasure Heads Must Burn


Big Jesus Trash Can

She's Hit

Bully Bones

Six Inch Gold Blade

Pleasure Avalanche

Deep In The Woods

Sonny's Burning

Marry Me (Lie Lie)

Strange Fruit sfrscd098


* Die Haut


12" 1982 "Der Karibische Western". Cave whistles on b-side

CDs "Die Faulen Hunde Von Tijuana" Rereleased in 1990:

Zensor CM2

WSFA, SF 99.

LP 1983 "Burning The Ice". At least two different covers exist: one

with blue and another with white lettering. The latter seems

to be a limited edition thing. The Paradoxx version has a

blue lettering and sometimes a red sticker saying "Warning:

Contains shocking lyrics" on the sleeve. This issue also

contains a fold out black and white poster with a photo of the

band (incl. N.Cave) and the printed lyrics on the right side.

Cave sings and wrote:

Truck Love


Dumb Europe

Pleasure Is The Boss

Illuminated SJAMS 30, UK

CROWN RECORDS, CROWN 1708 (white lettering lim. ed.)

Paradoxx Records PA 5502, Germany

LP/CD 1988 "Headless Body In Topless Bar", Cave sings:

I Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)


LP/CD 1993 "Sweat", live album, Nick Cave recordings are from

Berlin, Metropol, 24/08/92. Cave sings:

Pleasure Is The Boss

Truck Love

Sad Dark Eyes

WSFA, SF 140

Triple X, 51184-2 (USA)

video 1993 "Sweat", the video.

Pleasure Is The Boss

Truck Love

Sad Dark Eyes

Little Doll

WSFA, 140 V (Germany)

Triple X, 51184-3 (USA)


* Anita Lane


12" 1988 "Dirty Sings"

If I Should Die

I'm A Believer [co-written by Nick Cave]

Lost In Music [Nick Cave plays organ]

Sugar In A Hurricane

Mute Records, Mute 65

Restless/Mute 7 71436-2

LP/CD 1993 "Dirty Pearl", produced, and many instruments by Mick Harvey.

The CD version includes the "Dirty Sings" EP.

Jesus Almost Got Me

The Groovy Guru

Sexual Healing

Blume [Einstuerzende Neubauten]

Subterranean World (How Long ...?) [Die Haut]

Picture Of Mary

The World's A Girl

Stories Of Your Dreams

A Prison In The Desert [from Ghosts... ]

The Fullness Of His Coming [The Birthday Party]

+CD+ If I Should Die

+CD+ I'm A Believer [co-written by Nick Cave]

+CD+ Lost In Music [Nick Cave plays organ]

+CD+ Sugar In A Hurricane

Mute Records, STUMM 81

7"/ 1995 "The World's A Girl/I love you... nor do I/Bedazzled", "I love

CDs you... nor do" I is a cover of the Serge Gainsbourg classic

Je t'Aime... Moi Non Plus. Both B-sides are duets with Nick.

The 7" is a limited edition of 1,000 on clear vinyl.

Mute Records, MUTE 177


* Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds


LP/CD 1984 "From Her To Eternity"

CA Avalanche

Cabin Fever!

Well Of Misery

From Her To Eternity

Saint Huck

Wings Of Flies

A Box For Black Paul

+CD+ In The Ghetto

+CD+ The Moon Is In The Gutter,

+CD+ From Her To Eternity, version from "Der Himmel..."

Mute Records, STUMM 17

Mute/Possum (Australia, lp)

Powderworks (Australia)

Liberation Records, 30441 (1990)

Alfa Records ALCB-623 (Japan)

Restless/Mute 71435

Mute/Intern. INT 146.811 (LP) 846.811 (CD) (Germany)

Mute/Elektra 61720-2 (US)

Pony Canyon, PCCY-00915 (Japan)

7" 1984 "In The Ghetto", b-side: "The Moon Is In The Gutter"

Mute Records, 7 Mute 032

Mute/Vogue, VG 108 101964 (France, silver label)

Mute/Powderworks, POW-0220 (New Zealand)

CA 1984 "Department of Enjoyment", N.M.E. compilation cassette

contains "I Put A Spell On You". The band is listed as

Nick Cave and the Cavemen.

NME 011

video 1984 "Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds Live". NTSC mail order video

that was available in the US. Live tracks from Stache's,

Columbus, Ohio, June 27, 1984. Rare, semi-official.

Directed, shot and produced by Rick Klaus Theis.

Blind Boy Willy (soundcheck; early Blind Lemon Jefferson)

A Box For Black Paul

From Her To Eternity

I Put A Spell On You

Mutiny In Heaven


In The Ghetto


LP/CD 1985 "The Firstborn Is Dead"

CA Tupelo

Say Goodbye To The Little Girl Tree

Train-Long Suffering

Black Crow King

Knocking On Joe

Wanted Man

Blind Lemon Jefferson

+CD+ The Six Strings That Drew Blood

+CD+ Tupelo (single version)

Mute Records, STUMM 21

Liberation Records, 30442 (1990)

Alfa Records ALCB-624 (Japan)

Vogue 54012 (France, cover says: Firstborn Is Deas)

Mute/Intern. INT 146.816 (LP) 846.816 (CD) (Germany)

MG 1-60 (Polish pirate cassette)

Mute/Elektra 61718-2 (US)

Pony Canyon, PCCY-00916 (Japan)

Possum Records (Australia lp 1985)

CD 1985 "The Firstborn Is Dead", contains the album and the

Tupelo EP as well. Available in the US. contents:


Say Goodbye To The Little Girl Tree

Train-Long Suffering

Black Crow King

Knocking On Joe

Wanted Man

Blind Lemon Jefferson

In The Ghetto

The Moon Is In The Gutter

The Six Strings That Drew Blood

Homestead/Mute Records, HMS 026-2 (US)

7/12" 1985 "Tupelo", b-side: "The Six Strings That Drew Blood", quite

different from the Birthday Party version.

Mute Records, MUTE 38

Mute/Possum Music - New Zealand, Mute-1569 (radio promo?)

EP 1985 "Tupelo", contents:


In The Ghetto

The Moon Is In The Gutter

The Six Strings That Drew Blood

Homestead/Mute HMS029

EP 1985 "Plays Kickabye" by Annie Hogan, Nick sings "Vixo".

Double Vision UK, DVR 9

video 1985 "Offair", Australian videozine, 10 minutes interview and live

or soundcheck footage.

LP/CD 1986 "Kicking Against The Pricks", on the (Czech) cassette,

CA the two bonus tracks are not listed but they are present.

Muddy Water

I'm Gonna Kill That Woman

Sleeping Annaleah

Long Black Veil

Hey Joe

The Singer

All Tomorrow's Parties

By The Time I Get To Phoenix

The Hammer Song

Something's Gotten Hold Of My Heart

Jesus Met The Woman At The Well

The Carnival Is Over

+CD+ Running Scared

+CD+ Black Betty

Mute Records, STUMM 28

Mute/Possum (Australia, lp)

Liberation Records, 30443 (1990)

Alfa Records ALCB-650 (Japan)

Homestead Records, HMS 065-2

Mute/Elektra 61717-2/4 (USA)

Mute/Intern. INT 146.820 (LP) 846.820 (CD) (Germany)

MG 2592-21, (Polish pirate cassette)

RTLJ Radio Televizija Ljubljana (LP/CA Yugoslavia)

12" 1986 "The Singer", b-side: "Running Scared", "Black Betty"

CA Mute Records, 12 MUTE 47

Homestead Records, HMS 064-4

Mute/Intern. INT 126.846 (Germany)

Possum Records ETUM 812

7" 1986 "The Singer", b-side: "Running Scared". A "promotional

version of this exists as well. On this version the word

`fucking' is included; on the official 7" it is edited out.

Mute Records, MUTE 47

Mute 3003 (promo)

Mute/Intern. INT 111.839 (Germany)

Mute/Possum (promo, Australia - two diff. ones w. diff labels)

CDs 1986 "The Singer", 5 track CDs. No details available.

2EP 1986 "Your Funeral, My Trial", the Homestead lp exists as

LP/CD a white label test pressing also. Contents (order of 2EP):

Sad Waters

The Carny

Your Funeral, My Trial

Stranger Than Kindness

Jack's Shadow

Hard On For Love

She Fell Away

Long Time Man

+CD+ Scum

Mute Records, STUMM 34 (2EP)

Possum, (Australia, 1986)

Liberation Records, 30444 (Australia, 1990)

Homestead, HMS 073 US (LP) (1987)

Alfa Records ALCB-651 (Japan)

Mute/Intern. INT 146.823 (LP) 846.823 (CD) (Germany)

Mute/Elektra 61719-2/4 (USA)

7" 1986 "Scum", green flexi give-away at the European summer tour.

Black vinyl 7"'s without b-sides or labels seem to exist.

Lyntone, LYN 18038

LP/CD 1987 "Smack My Crack", recorded 11/11/86, Trident studios London.

Other artists: Swans, Neubauten, Tom Waits.

Cave reads a part of his "And The Ass Saw The Angel" novel

(from Book 2, Ch. XVII, pp. 136-137).

The Atra Virago (or: "The Vargus Barking Spider")

Giorno Poetry Systems Records 038

LP/CD 1988 "Tender Prey", the Japanese version contains

CA the "And The Ass Saw The Angel" readings. (Some of?) the US

CD's do not contain the Mercy Seat video version,

although it is listed on the cover.

The Mercy Seat

Up Jumped The Devil


Watching Alice


City Of Refuge

Slowly Goes The Night

Sunday's Slave

Sugar Sugar Sugar

New Morning

+CD+ The Mercy Seat, video version

Mute Records, STUMM 52

Mute Records, STUMM 46052 (Made in Belgium)

Mute/Elektra 9 61059-2 (US)

Enigma/Mute, STUMM 7 75401 (Canada)

29B2-24 (Japanese CD)

Alfa Records ALCB-723 (Japan)

Mute/Intern. INT 146.837 (LP) 846.837 (CD) (Germany)

RTLJ Radio Televizija Ljubljana (LP/CA Yugoslavia)

Liberation/Mute D 30429 (Australia)

12" 1988 "The Mercy Seat", b-side: "New Day" (= New Morning),

"The Mercy Seat" video version.

Mute Records, 12 MUTE 52

CDs 1988 "The Mercy Seat", "New Day" (= New Morning), "From Her To

Eternity" film version, "Tupelo", single version.

Mute Records, CD MUTE 52

7" 1988 "The Mercy Seat", b-side: "New Day" (= New Morning),

Mute Records, MUTE 52

Mute Records, MUTE 4652 (Made in Benelux)

12" 1988 "Deanna", b-side: "Girl At The Bottom Of My Glass"

CDs First copies with poster and postcard. A German 3" CD exists.

Mute Records, 12 MUTE 86

7" 1988 "Deanna"/"Girl At The Bottom Of My Glass", radio promo only.

Mute Records, 7 MUTE 86

12" 1988 "And The Ass Saw The Angel", only available

with first copies of LP "Tender Prey".

Mah Sanctum (from Book 2, Ch. V, pp. 115-116)

Lamentation (from Book 2, Ch. VI, pp. 122-123)

One Autumn (from Book 2, Ch. X, pp. 136-137)

Animal Static (from Book 3, pp. 193-194)

Mute Records, 12 STUMM 52

4CD 1988 "Crime And Punishment", a Japanese CD-set of the first four

albums. Exclusive photo's. Limited, numbered edition of 5000.


LP/CD 1988 "Wings Of Desire", soundtrack to the film by Wim Wenders

CA in which "From Her To Eternity" and "The Carny" are performed

film live. (German title of the film: "Der Himmel Uber Berlin").

The French cd/lp of this is titled "Les Ailes Du Desir".

From Her To Eternity (live version)

The Carny (original version)

Mute Records, IONIC 2

MILAN A 316 ("Les Ailes Du Desir")

MILAN FC 316 ("Les Ailes Du Desir" cassette)

Elektra/Nonesuch 9 79210-1 (US LP) 1989

Connoisseur video CR 003 (video)

video 1989 "Kings Of Independence", contains also songs from Crime and

the City Solution, and The Swans. Hamburg, 15 August 87.

Saint Huck

Stranger Than Kindness

STUD!O K7-001

CA 1989 Sun City Studio Interview, NY December 1988.

Enigma/Mute EPRO-172

7"12" 1989 "Musicview #46", 'Radio's Weekly New Music Magazine', US,

one 7" and one 12", "Deanna", "Up Jumped The Devil",

2 dailies (promos) & interview 13/2/89.

1p-7857 (12") & 1p-7858 (7")

LP/CD 1989 "The Bridge: A Tribute to Neil Young", various artists.

Nick Cave sings "Helpless".

Caroline, Carol CD 1347

Caroline, Carlp 5

film 1989 "Dandy", film by Peter Sempel, Germany 1988/89. With Nick Cave

and the Bad Seeds, Einstuerzende Neubauten, Nina Hagen, Toten

Hosen. Lots of images of Blixa's head. Cave sings & plays

guitar on an acoustic version of City of Refuge.

Finally available in 2001 directly from Peter Sempel


LP/CD 1989 "Ghosts... Of The Civil Dead" Soundtrack of the film in

film which Cave acts, by Cave, Blixa Bargeld and Mick Harvey.

video Nick also co-wrote the script to this film.

The News

A Prison in the Desert

I've Been a Prison Guard Since I Was 18 Years Old

I Was 16 When They Put Me In Prison

You're Dangling Like A Bunch Of Meat On A Hook

Pop Mix

We Were United Once

The Day Of The Murders

Lilly's Theme ("A Touch Of Warmth")

Maynard Mix

What I'm Tellin' Is The Truth

The Free World

One Man Released So They Can Imprison The Rest Of The World

Mute Records, IONIC 3

Mute/International (Germany)

Electric Pictures EP 0022 (video, 1993)

DHE Castle Oy, (video Finland 1998)

7" 1989 "Rye Whiskey" (traditional) FLEXI #9 from REFLEX magazine,

Volume 1 Issue 10, recorded Nov/Dec 85.

EVA-TONE, 105044-1ST

CD 1990 "Good Songs" French promo CD

The Mercy Seat (acoustic)

Rye Whiskey


From Her To Eternity (from "Wings Of Desire")

The Train Song

Mute Sonet, SA 2110 (France 1990)

LP/CD 1990 "The Good Son", Japanese version has "The Train Song" as

CA extra track. "The Hammer Song" has nothing to do with

the one on "Kicking Against the Pricks". The Made in E.C.

version has white lettering, others red.

Some misprints of the album "Hail" by the band He Said

contain the music to The Good Son.

Italian version has Italian lyrics included.

Foi Na Cruz

The Good Son

Sorrow's Child

The Weeping Song

The Ship Song

The Hammer Song


The Witness Song


Mute Records, STUMM 76

Mute Records, STUMM 46076 (E.C., white lettering)

Enigma/Mute 7 75423-2 (US CD)

Enigma/Mute 7 75423-4 (US advance promo cassette)

Alfa Records ALCB-724 (Japan)

Mute/Elektra 60988-2/4 (US)

Mute/Intern. INT 146.860 (LP) 846.860 (CD) (Germany)

Mute Records, 9015-2 (Canada)

RTLJ Radio Televizija Ljubljana (LP/CA Yugoslavia)

7" 1990 "Acoustic Versions From Tender Prey", bonus CD or single

CDs with "The Good Son", some 7" on white vinyl (no cat. no.).

In 1994 in Australia reissued and given away under the title


The Mercy Seat

City Of Refuge


Mute Records, STUMM 76

PRD94/84 ("Stripped", 1994)

7"12" 1990 "The Ship Song"/"The Train Song". A promo exists as well.

CDs Mute Records, 7 Mute 108 and 12 Mute 108

P 12 Mute 108 (promo 12")

Mute Int 826.930 (3" CD-single)

7"12" 1990 "The Weeping Song", b-side: "Cocks'n'Asses",

Mute Records, Mute 118 and 12 Mute 118

Liberation, X 14909 (12")

Liberation, K 10255 (7")

CDs 1990 "The Weeping Song", b-side: "Helpless", "Cocks'n'Asses",

Mute Records, Mute 118

CDs 1990 "The Weeping Song" (remix), b-side: "Weeping Song" (album

version). Promo CD.

Mute/Elektra PRCD 8229-2

CDs 1990 "The Weeping Song", four tracks, (US only):

The Weeping Song (single remix)

The Train Song

The B-side Song (= Cocks'n'Asses)


Mute/Elektra 7559-66605-2

7" 1990? Picture disc 7" with nice photos of Nick that contain

Amnesty International press conferences. I've seen two

different ones. What is this?

film 1991 "Just Visiting This Planet". Yet another Peter Sempel film

with Bad Seeds' and Blixa Bargeld contents. It's a

portrait of Kazuo Ohno, 86-year old Japanese Butoh dancer.

video 1991 "The Road To God Knows Where". Moments from the US tour,

Feb. and March 1989. Scenes from on the road, backstage,

interviews and such. Many short excerpts from songs, like

Knocking On Joe (incomplete)

Saint Huck (incomplete)

The Mercy Seat (acoustic live KCRW 3/3/89)

New Morning

At the end of the tape are 5 clips (nice!):

In The Ghetto


The Singer

The Mercy Seat


Mutefilm, 790475

Atavistic, ATV33

video 1991 "The Road To God Knows Where". Japanese set including this

et al. video, as well as the "Ghosts Of The Civil Dead" CD, and a

paperback version of the book "King Ink" with exclusive

photo's. Limited, numbered edition.


LP/CD 1991 "I'm Your Fan" A Leonard Cohen Tribute album, various artists,

The Bad Seeds do "Tower Of Song".

Oscar, Columbia COL 469032 2

Atlantic 7 82349-2 (US)

film 1991 "Johnny Suede", Director: Tom Dicillo, USA/Swiss production,

video 95 minutes, starring Brad Pitt. Cave has a prominent cameo

as Freak Storm, he's in it for 10 minutes. He sings a song

called "Freak's Mamma's Boy" in a back alley, which the

credits say he composed, with lyrics by the director.

Artificial Eye, ART067 (video)

film 1991 "Until The End Of The World", Nick appears in this film,

video for about 2 seconds as the dead man in the opening scene.

LP/CD 1991 "Bis ans Ende der Welt", soundtrack of a Wim Wenders film.

Cave does "(I'll Love You) Till The End Of The World".

Warner Bros germany, 7599-26751-2, france WE 833

LP/CD 1992 "Until The End Of The World", almost the same soundtrack,

but with different cover and songs (e.g. it includes U2).

(I'll Love You) Till The End Of The World

Warner Bros, 7599-26707-2

LP/CD 1992 "Henry's Dream", in Australia, this is available in a box

CA with a 3-track promo cassette. Limited edition of this has

T-shirt and poster extra. In France, initial copies came

with a CD single (see below).

Italian version has Italian lyrics included.

Papa Won't Leave You, Henry

I Had A Dream, Joe

Straight To You

Brother, My Cup Is Empty

Christina The Astonishing

When I First Came To Town

John Finns' Wife

The Loom Of The Land

Jack The Ripper

Mute Records, STUMM 92

Mute Records, STUMM 46092 (Made in Belgium)

Mute/Elektra 9 61323-2 (US)

Alfa Records ALCB-476 (Japan)

Mute/Intern. INT 846.878 (CD) 146.878 (LP) (Germany)

CD 1992 French promo for "Henry's Dream"

Papa Won't Leave You Henry

Straight To You

Brother My Cup Is Empty

The Loom Of The land

Virgin France/Mute SA 3243

CDs 1992 "Straight To You", "Jack The Ripper", "Blue Bird",

12" Mute Records, Mute 12 140

P12 Mute 140 (white sleeve promo 12")

7" 1992 "Straight To You", "Jack The Ripper", limited edition

has acoustic version of "Jack The Ripper".

Mute Records, Mute 140 (normal JtR)

Mute Records, Mute 140L (acoustic JtR)

CDs 1992 "Straight To You", "Blue Bird", promo CD.

Mute/Elektra, PRCD 8566-2

CDs 1992 "Jack The Ripper", promo CD with initial Henry's Dream

copies in France. "What Can I Give You?" is musically

an early (and better) version of "Faraway, So Close".

Jack The Ripper (acoustic version)


What Can I Give You?

Mute/Virgin France #SA 3252

7" 1992 "I Had A Dream, Joe" (live), "The Good Son" (live).

Live recordings from June 2,3 Amsterdam. 7000 numbered copies.

Mute Records, Mute 148

CDs 1992 "I Had A Dream, Joe". With live recordings from

12" June 2,3, Amsterdam. White sleeve promo exists.

I Had A Dream, Joe

The Mercy Seat (live)

The Carny (live)

The Ship Song (live)

Mute Records, Mute 12 148

Mute/International INT 826.733 (CDs Germany)

CDs 1992 "I Had A Dream, Joe". US promo.

I Had A Dream, Joe

The Good Son (live)

The Carny (live)

The Mercy Seat (live)

Mute/Elektra PR 8622 (US promo).

CDs 1992 "I Had A Dream, Joe", yet another packaging. The Australian

CA release. Some CD's are misprints, and actually contain

a hard rock compilation. The misprints can be identified by

the lettering on the playable side of the disc:

Misprint: MADE BY DISCTRONICS B 472120.2 #01

Good : MADE BY DISCTRONICS B 472120.2 #02

At least that's the (only) difference between my copies.

I Had A Dream, Joe

The Good Son (live)

The Carny (live)

The Mercy Seat (live)

The Ship Song (live)

Liberation/Mute D11266/CDMUTE 148

Liberation/Mute DC11266/CMUTE 148 (Aussie cassette)

CDs 1992 "European Tour 92" Japanese package with a booklet of photos

book from Peter Milne's book as well as a CD with the live

tracks from the "I Had A Dream, Joe" singles.

I Had A Dream, Joe

The Good Son (live)

The Mercy Seat (live)

The Carny (live)

The Ship Song (live)

Alfa records, ALZB-12

7/12" 1992 "What A Wonderful World", with Shane MacGowan. A promo 12"

CDs with white Mute promo sleeve exists.

What A Wonderful World

Rainy Night In Soho

Lucy (Version #2)

Mute 151

P12 Mute 151 (white sleeve promo)

Mute/Elektra 9 66352-2 (US)

SubPop SP194 (7")

Mute/International INT 826.744 (CDs Germany)

7" 1992 "What A Wonderful World", promo. Don't know the label.

I also don't know what "Lucy (Version #1)" is supposed to be.

What A Wonderful World

Rainy Night In Soho (demo version)

Lucy (Version #1)

video 1992 "A Video History", 40 min. promo video. Video clips and such.

Contains "the blood version" of the Jack The Ripper clip.

Mute/Elektra PR-8593 (US only)

box 1992 Henry's Dream promo box including:

Henry's Dream CD

Straight To You/Jack The Ripper 7"

Straight To You/Jack The Ripper acoustic 7"

Straight To You CDs

And The Ass Saw The Angel pocket book

EPK video

Mini poster of Henry's Dream CD cover(12" size)

video 1992 "Live at the Paradiso", excellent live footage from concerts

on June 2 and 3, 1992 in Paradiso, Amsterdam. Colour, 57 mins.

Directed by John Hillcoat. The dates below refer to the music.

The Mercy Seat (June 2)

Jack The Ripper (June 2)

The Ship Song (June 3)

Tupelo (June 2)

Deanna (cut) (June 2)

The Good Son (June 2)

The Carny (June 3)

Papa Won't Leave You, Henry (June 3)

The Weeping Song (June 3)

In The Ghetto (June 2)

From Her To Eternity (June 3)

New Morning (June 2)

Mutefilm 74321 12160 3

2CD 1993 "Viva Eight" NME compilation CD with two live tracks

CA from 1 September 92, London, Town & Country club.

Jack The Ripper

Nick The Stripper (with Rowland S. Howard)

Viva 8 CD

CD 1993 "Faraway, So Close!", another soundtrack of a Wim Wenders

film. Nick Cave (without credits to Bad Seeds) sings

Faraway, So Close!

Cassiel's Song

Electrola 7243 8 27216 2 8 (EMI)

CDs 1993 "Faraway, So Close!", CD-single with three songs from the


Faraway, So Close!

Electrola 7243 8 80805 21

CD & 1993 "Live Seeds", live CD (Europe '92 & Australia '93) and

book initial copies with Peter Milne's photo book (limited but large edition).

There are copies with red lettering and some with grey.

The CD is from various concerts, remixed and in parts

re-vocalized in the studio later.

The Mercy Seat


The Ship Song

Papa Won't Leave You, Henry

Plain Gold Ring

John Finn's Wife


Brother, My Cup Is Empty

The Weeping Song

Jack The Ripper

The Good Son

From Her To Eternity

New Morning

Mute, STUMM CD 122

Mute/International INT 846.896 (Germany)

Mute/Elektra 61554 (USA)

Pony Canyon, PCCY-00994 (Japan)

Liberation (Australia late 1997)

Virgin France 7243 8 41781 23 (as set with Murder Ballads)

CD 1994 "The Wonderful World Of Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds",

free CD for new subscribers to the French rock magazine

"Les Inrockuptibles". Tracklisting on the cover is wrong.

From Her To Eternity (Wings Of Desire version)

Wanted Man

Running Scared

Your Funeral, My Trial

The Mercy Seat

The Weeping Song

I Had A Dream, Joe

Plain Gold Ring

Red Right Hand

Les Inrockuptibles, Mute France 1994.

CD/LP 1994 "Let Love In", some first copies came with a set of postcards.

CA Other first copies came with a poster.

Do You Love Me?

Nobody's Baby Now


Jangling Jack

Red Right Hand

I Let Love In

Thirsty Dog

Ain't Gonna Rain Anymore

Lay Me Low

Do You Love Me? - Part 2

Mute, CD STUMM 123

Mute, LCD STUMM 123 (with postcards)

Mute, SABAM 2100855 (Made in Belgium)

Mute/Elektra 61645-2 (USA)

Mute/Intern. INT 846.914 (CD) 146.914 (LP) (Germany)

CDs 1994 "Do You Love Me?"(single version)/"Cassiel's Song"/"Sail Away"

7" `Limited edition of 1000 copies' of 7" on silver vinyl.

Now there are copies with numbers and copies without. The

vinyl of the numbered copies is twice as thick as the

ones without numbers.

Mute 160

PCD Mute 160 (radio promo CDs)

12" 1994 "Do You Love Me?"(album version)/"Cassiel's Song"/"Sail Away"

12 Mute 160

CDs 1994 "Do You Love Me?"/"Cassiel's Song"/"Sail Away"/

"Do You Love Me? part 2", German promo.

Mute/Intern. INT 892.933 (CD) (Germany)

CDs 1994 "Do You Love Me?"(Edit)/"Do You Love Me?" US promo.

Mute/Elektra PRCD 8939

CDs 1994 "Nobody's Baby Now?"/"I Let Love In" US promo, some with

insert sticker listing Lollapalooza dates.

Mute/Elektra PRCD 8959

CDs 1994 "Loverman"/"B Side". `B-side is a selection of largely

12" improvised, ad-libbed pieces of music recorded direct to DAT

by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds over the last couple of years.'

It consists of:

God's Hotel - Do You Love Me? - Sugar Coated Place Called Love

Kiss Me In The Morning - Nobody's Baby Now - A Side B Side C Side

Loverman - Born To Be Your Loverman - Take The `O' Out Of Country

Jangling Jack - Sex Appeal - Where The Action Is - Blow That Baby Away

I Let Love In - Dadaladaladaladawn - Thirsty Dog - Man Of Steel

It's A Crazy World - Ain't Gonna Rain Anymore - Sweet Maria

Lay Me Low - Vanilla Essence - Do You Love Me? (Part 2)

Mute 169

Mute, SABAM 2100992 (Made in Belgium)

Mute/Intern. INT 827.777 (CDs) (Germany)

7" 1994 "Loverman"/"(I'll Love You) Till The End Of The World"

limited edition picture disc.

Mute 169

CDs 1994 "Loverman"/"B Side"/"Till The End Of The World", Australia.

Liberation/Mute D 11733

7" 1994 "Red Right Hand"/"That's What Jazz Is to Me", red vinyl,

limited edition of 2000. There exist different copies.

1st: sticker on the front says 'Limited Edition BLOOD RED VINYL',

label is silver with red printed info. 2nd: sticker on the front

says 'Limited Edition of 2000 BLOOD RED VINYL', label side a has

some cover art from front cover and the band name, label side b has

song titles and some cover art from back cover.

Mute 172

7" 1994 "Red Right Hand", one-sided promo on black vinyl.

PMute 172

CDs 1994 "Red Right Hand"/"That's What Jazz Is to Me"/"Where The

Action Is" (Note: there is no 12" for this one.)

Mute 172

Mute, SABAM 2101112 (Made in Belgium)

Mute/Intern. INT 826.642 (CDs) (Germany)

film 1994 "Jonas In The Desert", a film by Peter Sempel. Nick Cave is

in this movie for about one minute. He's seen bungyjumping

to the sound of Christina The Astonishing. The whole of this

song is played in the movie along with snippets of Blind

Lemon Jefferson and Wild World.

CD 1994 "Rare On Air, Live performances Vol. 1" contains songs from

the Santa Monica KCRW sessions. The Bad Seeds' contribution

"God's Hotel" was recorded on August 12, 1992.

Mammoth Records, MR 0074-2

CD 1994 "Big Backyard, Show 99 & 100" CD of Australian radio show

contains Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds, Anita Lane, et al.

Interview with Mick Harvey. Not for sale, no label.

film 1994 "September Songs", Kurt Weill tribute, Nick sings

video? "Mack The Knife". TV-production.

CD Released is slightly different version on CD in 1997.

CDs 1994 "Stripped", rerelease of "Acoustic Versions From Tender Prey",

in Australia, with tour dates from December 1994.

The Mercy Seat

City Of Refuge


Mute/Liberation/Mushroom, PRD94/84

CD 1995 "The Wonderful World of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds",

limited Israel-only compilation (April 1995). Same cover

as the French 1994 thing with the same title, but different


The Mercy Seat

Red Right Hand

Wanted Man

Running Scared

Your Funeral, My Trial

I Had A Dream, Joe

Plain Gold Ring

The Weeping Song

The Train Song

From Her to Eternity

Mute, CAVE 1

CD 1995 "Batman Forever", soundtrack, various artists. Nick does:

There Is A Light

Atlantic Records 7567-82759-2

East-West Japan AMCY-852

CD 1995 "Nick Cave" Italian book & CD. The book is by A. Cangioli and

book M.A. Scalise, it contains writings by Nick, a biography, an

interview and many photos. It's in Italian and English.

The 6" CD contains the four "And The Ass Saw The Angel"

readings that can also be found on the "Tender Prey" bonus

and the 1999 "And The Ass Saw The Angel" CD.

Stampa Alternative-Nuovi Equilibri-Sconcerto/26

CD 1995 "Loss Leaders Revisited" compilation CD has Nick Cave and the

Flaming Lips doing "What A Wonderful World", recorded live

19/8/94 in Houston, TX, Raceway at the Lollapalooza tour.

Not officially for sale, 3500 copies. The song is also released

on "It's A Hellfire Christmas", exclusive release for Flaming

Lips friends.

Warner Bros, PRO CD 7795

CDs 1995 "Where The Wild Roses Grow"/"The Ballad Of Robert Moore

And Betty Coltrane"/"The Willow Garden", by Nick Cave

and The Bad Seeds & Kylie Minogue. "The Willow Garden" is

sung by Conway Savage and has Nick on organ. The CDsingle

is also available as two-track (omits The Willow Garden),

at least in Europe it is.

CD Mute 185

Mute/CNR Music 2101662 (Belgium)

Mute/CNR Music 2101711 (Two-track CDs, Belgium)

Mute/Elektra PRO-CD-8090 (US promo)

Mushroom Records p/l d1188 (Australia)

CDs 1995 "Where The Wild Roses Grow", one track promo.

Mute PRO-CD-8038

Reprise #PRO-CD-8090

video 1995 "Where The Wild Roses Grow", one track promo video.


video 1995 "Where The Wild Roses Grow", promo video containing the cut and

uncut versions.

Mute 185

7"/CA 1995 "Where The Wild Roses Grow"/"The Ballad Of Robert Moore

And Betty Coltrane".

Mute 185

Mute/CNR Music 2101662 (Belgium)

LP/CD 1996 "Murder Ballads" The CD is in two different editions: one is a

MD/CA limited edition digipack. Japanese CD has three extra tracks.

Song order on LP is different from below.

Song Of Joy

Stagger Lee

Henry Lee (with PJ Harvey)

Lovely Creature

Where The Wild Roses Grow (with Kylie Minogue)

The Curse Of Millhaven

The Kindness Of Strangers

Crow Jane

O'Malleys Bar

Death Is Not The End (Kylie, PJ, Anita, Shane, Thomas)

+JAP+ The Ballad Of Robert Moore And Betty Coltrane

+JAP+ The Willow Garden

+JAP+ King Kong Kitchee Kitchee Ki-Mi-O

Mute, CD STUMM 138

Mute, LCD STUMM 138 (Limited digipack)

Mute/PIAS 391.0138.20 (Benelux)

Pony Canyon, PCCY-00885 (Japanese release)

David Greasham Records CDMUT 2029 (South Africa)

Mute/Intern. INT 846.927 (CD) 146.927 (LP) (Germany)

Reprise CDW 46195 (Canada)

Mute 484157 8 (Minidisc)

Virgin France 8414242 (as set with Live Seeds)

CDs 1996 "Murder Ballads promo sampler"

Where The Wild Roses Grow

Lovely Creature

Death Is Not The End

Henry Lee

Mute, RCD 138

CDs 1996 "Murder Ballads promo sampler", another one

The Curse Of Millhaven

Stagger Lee

Henry Lee

Death Is Not The End

Mute, PCDStumm 138

CDs 1996 "Henry Lee"/"King Kong Kitchee Kitchee Ki-Mi-O"/

CA "Knoxville Girl".

Mute 189

7" 1996 "Henry Lee"/"King Kong Kitchee Kitchee Ki-Mi-O".

Mute 189

CDs 1996 "King Kong Kitchee Kitchee Ki-Mi-O", free one-track CD

with: "+ de Musique Mute/ L labels" (?)

Visa 3729

CD 1996 "Murder Ballads: The Interview" promo interview disc contains

a 40 minute interview by Jessamy Calkin. Questions are on

a booklet, answers only on the disc.

Mute, cavespeakcd1

CD/LP 1996 "All The Pretty Little Horses (The Inmost Light)" by

Current 93 has Nick Cave singing on two tracks.

There is a limited edition of 300 copies on amber vinyl.

All The Pretty Little Horses


Durtro 030 CD/LP

CD 1996 "Undercover", cover album by Israel band "The Witches"

includes "Shivers" with Nick on vocals.

NMC 20177-2

CD 1996 "Shivers", promo CD single by Israel band "The Witches"

with Nick on vocals. There's also a video clip of the song,

(no Nick on the visual part).

NMC CDdj 1292

CD 1996 "Songs In The Key Of X", X-Files compilation, contains

secret bonus track by Nick & Dirty Three (track 0)

Time Jesum Transeuntum Et Non Riverentum

Key Of X

Red Right Hand

Warner Bros. 9 460799-2

WPCR 478 (Japan)

CA 1996 "The Mark Radcliffe Sessions", free cassette with July '96

issue of "Vox" magazine, contains a track from the Bad Seeds'

session on Feb 26, 1996. In the actual broadcast there were

3 parts of O'Malley's Bar, only the first is on the cassette.

O'Malley's Bar (Part One)

VOX RAD 9799

CD/LP 1996 "Oedipus Schmoedipus" by Barry Adamson features Nick as

singer on the song "The Sweetest Embrace".


video 1996 "Everything's Fucked" by The Dirty Three: Nick appears in

the video clip of this song.

CD/LP 1996 "Far Be It From Me", this album by Tex Perkins has a song

called "Two Wrongs", which is co-written by Nick Cave.

Polydor, 533 062-2

CD 1996 "To Have & To Hold" soundtrack of the John Hillcoat film

by Nick Cave, Blixa Bargeld and Mick Harvey. The last track

is not on all discs!

To Have And To Hold

The Jungle Of Love

Candlelit Bedroom


A House In The Jungle


The River At Night

Mourning Song

Romantic Theme

Snow Vision


The Clouds

Noah's Funeral

The Fight

Kate Leaves

We're Coming (The Riot)

The Murder

The Red Dress

I Threw It All Away (vocals by Scott Walker)

To Have And To Hold (End Credits)

Gangster Bone

Mute Records, #MUSDJ8-2 (advance copy)

Mute, IONIC 15 CD

video 1996 "Ritual Habitual", video from the Big Day Out festival.

features live recordings from (I think) Sydney, 25/01/96.

Contains lots of Bad Seeds' backstage footage, partially

filmed by Nick, and the songs:

Red Right Hand

Where The Wild Roses Grow

The Mercy Seat

Polygram Video, PVA1232

film 1996 "Rhinoceros Hunting In Budapest", Nick is in this film by

Michael Hausman. He plays a pimp.

film 1996? "Baby Trouble Hole", a film by Malga Kubiak

features Nick Cave for one minute. He is being interviewed

but Malga doesn't have any questions, or something like that.

CDs 1997 "Into My Arms"/"Little Empty Boat"/"Right Now, I'm Roaming".

There exist versions with a fold-out cover, as well as regular

CD case versions. A promo also exists.

Mute, STUMM 192

Mute/International, INT 829.102 (Germany)

Mushroom/Mute D1533 (Australia)

7"/CD 1997 "Into My Arms"/"Little Empty Boat", two-track CDs or 7".

Mute/Pias 391.1192.29 (CDs Benelux)

Mute, LC 5834 Mute 192 (Free 7" with first copes of CD.)

LP/CD 1997 "The Boatman's Call". A French digipack version with French lyrics

CA exists. The Czech release includes translated lyrics.

Italian version has Italian lyrics included.

Into My Arms

Lime Tree Arbour

People Ain't No Good

Brompton Oratory

There Is A Kingdom

Are You The One That I've Been Waiting For?

Where Do We Go Now But Nowhere?

West Country Girl

Black Hair

Idiot Prayer

Far From Me

Green Eyes

+JAP+ Right Now, I'm Roaming

+JAP+ Little Empty Boat

Mute, STUMM 142

Reprise 2 46530 AB (US promo)

Mute/Reprise 9 46530-2 (US)

TVD93475(RMD53475) (Australia)

TOCP 50190 (Japan)

Virgin France 7243 842972 1 (France; not the digipack)

Mute-MUD-171, Magic Stone Music (Taiwan)

CDs 1997 "Are You The One That I've Been Waiting For?"/"Come Into My Sleep",

"Black Hair (Band version)"/"Babe I Got You Bad"/.

Mute, cdmute 206

Mute, RCDMute 206 (one track promo)

7" 1997 "Are You The One That I've Been Waiting For?"/"Come Into My Sleep"

Mute 206

CD 1997 "September Songs", contains "Mack The Knife" with one more verse

than the film.

Sony Classics, SK 63046

CD 1997 Interview disc for The Boatman's Call. Answers on CD, questions on

the sleeve. Time: 20:24.

Mute LC 5834, cavespeak2cd

CA 1997 Promo cassette for "The Boatman's Call", with the following

tracks on each side of the tape:

Into My Arms

Brompton Oratory

Far From Me


2CD 1997 "10 Jaar 2 Meter Sessies", compilation of VARA 2 Meter Sessions

has a previously unreleased acoustic version of "The Mercy Seat",

recorded 21/3/90.

Sony Music, Radio Records 487359-2

CD/LP 1997 "Pink Elephants", 2nd Serge Gainsbourg covers album by Mick Harvey

contains a version of "I Love You, Nor Do I", by Nick Cave and

Anita Lane, different from the version on "The World's A Girl".

Mute, CD Stumm 157

Mute/Pias 391.0157.20 (Benelux)

CD 1997 "Pink Elephants", promo interview disc. Mick also talks about

The Bad Seeds.

Mute, pinkspeak1cd, LC5834

CD 1997 "Soho" Italian release of the "Mojo" soundtrack, contains

"The Big Hurt" (w. Gallon Drunk) and "Mojo".

Released as "Mojo" elsewhere in 1998.

EMI 7243 8 23530 2 7 ("Soho" 1997)

EMI 7243 8 21718 2 9 ("Mojo" 1998; Australia 1999)

TOCP 65026 (Japan)

CD 1997 "The Boatman's Call Australian Tour Nov/Dec 1977", free bonus

with Bad Seeds albums in Australia at that time.

Little Empty Boat

Right Now I'm A-Roaming

Come Into My Sleep

Black Hair (band version)

Babe, I Got You Bad

Mute, NICK1

CD 1997 "Scream 2" soundtrack contains a remix by DJ Spooky

of "Red Right Hand" with some new lyrics.


film 1997 "Go For Gold", this film by Luciano Segura (co-produced by Wim Wenders)

has music by Mick Harvey, and includes some Nick Cave songs.

To my knowledge, no soundtrack album is available.

The Farewell Song

Blue Bird

What A Wonderful World

CDs 1998 "Extraits de la bande originale du film Scream II". French 4 track promo

also contains the "Red Right Hand" remix.

Chrysalis / EMI France, SPCD 2306

CDs 1998 "Sharks", by The Dirty Three. This CD was

only for sale at the 1998 Australian and US tours.

Running Scared (live with Nick Cave, Brisbane, Zoo, January 1995)

Anchor & Hope, AHX01S

CDs 1998 "The Best Of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds", 4-track UK radio promo

Do You Love Me? (intro edited)

The ship Song (fade-out edited)

Red Right Hand

Where The Wild Roses Grow

Mute Records, RCDMUTEL4

CD 1998 "The Best Of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds", promo-only boxed set

video containing the CD, an interview disc (ICDMUTEL4), a family tree,

a biography / discography and a short video:

video 1998 "A Short Film", 23 minute promo video directed by Sven Harding.

Mute Records, PV MUTEL4

2CD 1998 "The Best Of Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds".

Initial copies as a 2CD with the Royal Albert Hall live disc.


Red Right Hand (single version)

Straight To You

Tupelo (10 secs. longer than single version)

Nobody's Baby Now

Stranger Than Kindness

Into My Arms

Are You The One That I've Been Waiting For?

The Carny

Do You Love Me? (single version)

The Mercy Seat (single version)

Henry Lee

The Weeping Song (single version)

The Ship Song (shorter than LP version)

Where The Wild Roses Grow

From Her To Eternity

"Live At The Royal Albert Hall", 19 and 20 May 1997.<a name=livelond></a>

Bonus CD with Best Of album.

Lime Tree Arbour (May 20)

Stranger Than Kindness (May 20)

Red Right Hand (May 20)

I Let Love In (May 20)

Brompton Oratory (May 19)

Henry Lee (May 20)

The Weeping Song (May 20)

The Ship Song (May 20)

Where The Wild Roses Grow (May 19)


Pony Canyon, TOPC-50569-70

CD 1998 "Live At The Royal Albert Hall", promo CD. Setlist as above.


2LP 1998 "The Best Of Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds".

CD/CA Track list as above.

Reprise 46960 (USA)

TOSHI:4988006739 (Japan)

tree 1998 A promo "Best Of" painted bansai tree was sold at a steep price.

video 1998 "The Videos" video compilation.

Stagger Lee

Where The Wild Roses Grow

Into My Arms

(Are You) The One That I've Been Waiting For?

Henry Lee

Red Right Hand


Do You Love me?


The Ship Song


In The Ghetto

Jack The Ripper

What A Wonderful World

Straight To You

The Mercy Seat

The Weeping Song

The Singer

I Had A Dream Joe

Wanted Man (not a real clip)

Mute, MF030

CDs 1998 "The Love Ballads EP", Greece only compilation with the

June issue of the Zoo magazine.

Loom Of The Land

Ain't Gonna Rain Anymore

Christina The Astonishing

Slowly Goes The Night


CD 1998 "Au Royaume De Tricatel", compilation album. Has Nick Cave

singing a Michel Polnareff cover in French.

Rereleases on:

"Au Coeur De Tricatel", TRICDFR003, dist, WAGRAM (France 1999)

"Un Hommage A Polnareff", XIII Bis Records (France 1999)

"A Tribute To Polnareff", XIII Bis Records (1999)

"The Genius Of Bertrand Burgalat", Bungalow Records bung 079 (2000)

Goodbye Marylou

Columbia, COCY 80791 (Japan)

CD 1998 "Liss Ard Vol. 1", solo performances,

probably not from Liss Ard, but studio recordings.

People Ain't No Good

Dead Joe

Black Hair

Edel Records 0039602 ERE (CD)

video 1998 "The Garden's Voice", interview and live performances from Nick

from Liss Ard, September 4 and 5, 1997.

Into My Arms (solo 4/9/97)

People Ain't No Good (live 5/9/97)

Dead Joe (solo 4/9/97)

video 1998 "Lending The Garden A Voice", another Liss Ard benefit documentary

with interview with Nick, plus:

Into My Arms (live 5/9/97, with Mick Harvey on guitar)

Dead Joe (solo 4/9/97, excerpt)

Black Hair (live 5/9/97)

CD 1998 "The Words Of The Wise", free CD with Etcetera magazine from

Books Etc, October 1998. Includes Nick reading from his intro

to the Gospel According To Mark, and music from Ghosts... Of

The Civil Dead.

Canongate, CAN CD 0000

2CD 1998 "Fuji Rock Festival '98 in Tokyo Live" will be released on

Dec. 2 in Japan. It features "From Her To Eternity" live.

Polydor (POCP-7341/2)

CD 1999 "And The Ass Saw The Angel - Readings and Music."

Rerelease of Nick's 1988 readings acompanied by Mick, plus

the music Mick Harvey and Ed Clayton-Jones recorded for a

theatrical adaptation of the book from October 1993.

Mail-order from Mute records only.

Mah Sanctum


One Autumn

Animal Static




Sleepy River Piano


Pa's Traps

Cosey's Lullaby


The Hobo Church

Sleepy River Swoon


Euchrid On The Run

Beth's Sleepy River

Doghead Revisited



CD 1999 "The Carve-Up", XFM compilation contains a session

version from "The Mercy Seat" as broadcast on 11/5/98.

Loose Recordings EXFM1

CD 2000 "The Secret Life Of The Love Song/The Flesh Made Word" or

"Two Lectures by Nick Cave"

The Secret Life Of The Love Song

West Country Girl

People Ain't No Good

Sad Waters

Love Letter

Far From Me

The Flesh Made Word

King Mob KMOB 007

Zomba records GmbH / 3Mv AN/IPC: 5037337200075

Mute (acetate)

Mute (France)

film 2000 "Scream 3" features an alternate version of "Red Right Hand",

which is not on the corresponding soundtrack CD.

CD/CA 2000 "Artysci Piosenki" features Nick Cave and Stanislaw Sojka

doing a version of "Into My Arms", recorded in Wroclaw on

March 14, 1999. The album also contains Nick Cave covers

by Kinga Preis ("Przeklenstwo Millhaven" - "The Curse Of

Millhaven") and Kazik Staszewski ("Krzeslo Laski" -

"The Mercy Seat").

Luna Music (Poland) LUNCD041 (CD) or LUNMC041 (CA)

CD/CA 2000 "Punishing Kiss" by Ute Lemper features the Nick Cave song

"Little Water Song".

Decca, 466 473-2 (cd) or 466 473-4 (ca)

CD 2000 "Improve The Shining Hour, Rare Lumiere, 1980-2000" by Gary Lucas

features Nick reading "The Birth", accompanied by Gary,

recorded in Rotterdam 1/9/91. The track is titled

And The Ass Saw The Angel

Knitting Factory Records, KFW 265

CD 2001 "W Moich Ramionach (Into My Arms)"

A Polish concert album with 10 tracks (Nick on 2) from

Nick's March 1999 show in Wroclaw. This CD was in stores only

briefly due to contract problems with some Polish artists.

Into My Arms [Nick Cave and Stanislaw Soyka]

The Weeping Song [Nick Cave and Stanislaw Soyka]


CD 2001 "No More Shall We Part"

2CD Initial copies (LCDSTUMM164) as 2CD set with a bonus disc

2LP As I Sat Sadly By Her Side

No More Shall We Part


Love Letter

Fifteen Feet Of Pure White Snow

God Is In The House

Oh My Lord

Sweetheart Come

The Sorrowful Wife

We Came Along this Road

Gates To The Garden

Darker With The Day

+2CD+ Bless His Ever Loving Heart

+2CD+ Grief Came Riding

+2CD+ CD-ROM video footage

Mute, Stumm 164

Mute, LCDStumm 164 (Limited 2CD)

CDs 2001 "As I Sat Sadly By Her Side"

10" As I Sat Sadly By Her Side

Little Janey's Gone

Good, Good Day

Mute 249

CDs 2001 "As I Sat Sadly By Her Side (radio edit)" one track promo

Mute RCDMute249, LC5834

CDs 2001 "Fifteen Feet Of Pure White Snow"

Fifteen Feet Of Pure White Snow (single version)

God Is In The House (alternate version)

We Came Along This Road (alternate version)

Mute CDMUTE262

10" 2001 "Fifteen Feet Of Pure White Snow", numbered, limited ed.

Fifteen Feet Of Pure White Snow (album version)

God Is In The House (alternate version)

No More Shall We Part (alternate version)

Mute 10MUTE262

CD 2001 free CD with "Independant on Sunday" (May 27)

Love Letter

Gates To The Garden

Red Right Hand

Into My Arms

Where The Wild Roses Go (video)

As I Sat Sadly By Her Side (video)

Westside session video footage (same as on NMSWP bonus)

CD 2001 "The Westside Sessions", promo CD with alternate versions,

recorded live at Westside Studios on 6 Oct 2000.

I assume these are the same versions as on the 15 Feet single.

Fifteen Feet Of Pure White Snow

And No More Shall We Part

God Is In The House

We Came Along This Road

Mute Records - Redstumm164

CD 2001 "No More Shall We Part - Multimedia & Interview CD",

promo CD with Nick answering 30 questions "As I Sat Sadly By Her Side" video,

"No More Shall We Part" EPK video (same as on bonus disc above),

lyrics and MP3 excerpts of NMSWP songs, photo gallery, biography,

album discography, and internet links.

Mute IPKCDStumm164

CD 2001 "No More Shall We Part Boxed Set", contains the limited edition of

"No More Shall We Part" album, the "Multimedia & Interview CD",

a little promo flyer and two postcards.

Mute BCDstumm164

CD 2001 "Le Peuple Migrateur", soundtrack to this film

features the Nick Cave song "To Be By Your Side".

CD 2001 "I Am Sam", soundtrack to this film

features Nick Cave doing the Beatles' "Let It Be".


* books (partly) by Nick Cave


mag 1986?"Forced Exposure" Massachusetts fanzine contains one-act

plays by Nick Cave.

book 1987?"Judas Jesus" by Rolf Vasellari, Black Sheep Press (Zurich,

Switzerland) 1 contribution (7 lines on Dave-id of the Virgin

Prunes) by Nick Cave.

book 1988 "King Ink", mostly lyrics. Black Spring Press. Both hardcover

and paper back. Japanese version has pictures. Italian

version is called Re Inkiostro, published by Arcana

Editrice Srl ISBN 88-85859-44-5. In the US in 1993 published

by 2.13.61 Publications, Los Angeles. Later published

by Last Gasp. German version with translations published by

Peter Selinka Verlag, Ravensburg, 1992, ISBN 3 926532 32 7.

There is also a Greek version with Greek translations.

There is also a French version with French translations.

Has also been translated into Czech, in 1995 by Mata,

ISBN 80901590-8-7 as "King Ink (krl smrk)".

The Spanish version is titled "Canciones y Prosa - King Ink"

and published by Espiral.

book 1989 "And The Ass Saw The Angel" novel. Hard Cover: Black Spring

Press. Since 1990 Penguin Pocket edition available.

US Edition has different covers. Hardback: Harper/Collins

(9/90) Paperback: Bantam or Ballentine.

`Uncorrected proof paperback' (red cover with black type:

Harper Collins 0-06-016491-3)

Also translated into

Bulgarian: "I Magareto Vidja Angela"

Czech: "A Oslice Uzrela Andela" (1995 by Argo, ISBN 80-85794-55-1) Danish: "Da Aeslet Saa Englen"

Dutch: "En de Ezelin zag de Engel"

Finnish: "Kun Aasintamma n"aki herran Enkelin"

French: "Et l'Ane vit l'Ange"

German: "Und die Eselin sah den Engel"

(R. Piper GmbH & Co, Munchen 1993 ISBN 3-492-11869-0)

Hebrew (Published by Gnavim, 2000, ISBN-965-411-304-X)

Hungarian: "E's megla'ta' a szama'r az u'rnak angyala't"

Italian: "E l'Asina vide l'Angelo"

Arcana Editrice Srl ISBN 88-85859-70-4

Japanese: "Kami no mitsukai" (i.e. "The God's Servant",

released in two volumes).

Kroatian: "I Magarica Ugleda Andela"

Norwegian: "Eselet sa herrens Engel"

Polish: "Gdy oslica ujrzala aniola"

Portuguese: "E o Burro viu o Anjo"

Russian: "+ : - -" ) + - -μ"

Serbian: (2000 copies in 1990, by 'Produkcija DOM')

Spanish: "El Asno vio al Angel"

book 1991 "Sleep With The Devil" by Michael J. McCauley - biography

of Jim Thompson. Opening page reprints "Prayers On Fire"

with credits to Nick Cave. Mysterious Press (US).

book 1993 "AS-FIX-E-8", a comic by Lydia Lunch and Nick Cave. Artwork:

Mike Matthews. 35 pages. Published by Last Gasp.

ISBN 0-86719-233-X

book 1993 "Fish In A Barrel", Peter Milne's photobook contains

besides all the great pictures an intro and interview

written by Nick. Published by Tender Prey;

ISBN 0 9522048 5 1 (Paperback), ISBN 0 9522048 0 0 (Hardback).

book 1994 "Nick Cave - Let Love In", small Spanish booklet with English

and Spanish Let Love In lyrics, as well as a brief prologue

by the translator Alberto Manzano. Published by Celeste,

Madrid, ISBN 84-87553-91-5.

book 1996 "Murder Ballads" a music book out for Murder Ballads, with

arrangements for piano and guitar. 48 pages, 8.95 Pounds.

Published by Wise Publications, AM 937651. ISBN 0-7119-5815-7

There also is a booklet for Where The Wild Roses Grow only,

this has number AM 935583.

book 1997 King Ink II, mostly lyrics from 1988 - 1997, by Black Spring Press.

Has already been translated in Italian: Re Inkiostro II by

Arcana Editrice ISBN 88-7966-133-7. Czech transl. in 1998 by Mata,

ISBN 80-86013-30-8 as King Ink II. Japanese translation in 1998,

ISBN 4-7837-2435-0. Kroatian translation ISBN 953-6234-29-7

published by "Zagrebacka naklada" Zagreb, Croatia 1997.

Polish translation in 1999.

book 1997 Tutti I Testi Con Traduzione A Fronte, Italian book published by

Giunti contains all lyrics from Prayers On Fire to The Boatman's

Call, plus Italian translations.

book 1997 A Yugoslav book contains translated lyrics as well. 183 pages.

Published by Novi Sad, Prostor 1997, ISBN 86-901529-4-6.

other 1998 Nick has reviewed the Russian movie "Mother & Son", directed by

Aleksandr Sokurov in the UK Sunday Independent

newspaper from March 29, 1998.

book 1998 "The Gospel According To Mark", five page introduction by Nick.

Canongate Books, ISBN 0 86241 796 1.

NOTE! The U.S. 1999 re-issue by Grove/Atlantic (ISBN # 0-8021-3617-6)

does NOT have the introduction by Nick Cave but one by Barry Hannah.

1999 Norwegian translation by J.M. Stenersen's Forlag ISBN (82-7201-309-6).

1999 Dutch translation, by Atlas, ISBN 90 450 0140 3.

2000 Italian translation by Einaudi Tascabili ed. ISBN 88-06-15381-1.

book 1999 "The Murder Ballads", 23 songs from different years

translated in Polish by Roman and Alexander Kolakowsky. 77 pages

Published by LUNA Music, Wroclaw, Poland.

book 2001 "Complete Lyrics", published by Penguin in April.

book 2001 "Nick Cave Anthology" 18 songs arranged for piano,

voice and guitar, wise publications, isbn 0-7119-8681-9.


* books (partly) on Nick Cave


book 1982 "Inner City Sound" by Clinton Walker, (BND & BP).

Wild and Wooiley (Australia)

book 1987 "Tape Delay" by Charles Neal, SAF (UK), interviews and

pictures of Nick Cave, EN, and others.

book "Der Himmel Ueber Berlin, Ein Filmbuch von Wim Wenders und

Peter Handke" film book, 170 pages, all texts and many photos.

Suhrkamp Verlag, Frankfurt Am Main, 3-518-02406-X.

book 1990 "Blissed Out: The Raptures of Rock" by Simon Reynnolds has

one chapter (10 pages) on Nick Cave. London: Serpent's Tail,

ISBN 1-85242-199-1

book 1990 "Hell On Earth?", by Jonathan Dougall, has three chapters

about Nick Cave's murder poetry. ISBN is 0-22-3659932-x.

book 1992 "Bridal Gown Shroud" by Adele Olivia Gladwell

contains essays on Nick Cave, religious ecstasy, and pornography.

208 pages, Creation, ISBN 1 871592 13 5.

book 1993 "Ghosts Of The Civil Dead", a film booklet in Finnish

It is 28 pages and contains two articles, one by Mika Siltala about

the movie and another ("The Man, the Myth and the Great Rock Illusion"

freely translated) is about Nick Cave and is written by Duke Koivisto.

It also contains quite many black and white pictures.

Published by LIKE in 1993, ISBN 951-578-129-9.

book 1995 "Hellfire - Life According To Nick Cave" by Jeremy Dean

with an introduction by Mark Radcliffe. Only 26 pages and

pretty redundant. Published by The Dunce Directive, London.

book 1995 "The Sex Revolts: Gender, Rebellion, and Rock'n'Roll" by

Simon Reynolds and Joy Press has some parts on Nick Cave.

Harvard University Press ISBN 0-674-80273-X.

book 1995 "The TISM Guide to Little Aesthetics" by Melbourne band

TISM has lots on Nick Cave.

book 1995 "Bad Seed: A Biography of Nick Cave" by Ian Johnston (brother

of James - Gallon Drunk vocalist). Good 340 pages biography.

Little, Brown & Company. ISBN 0 316 90889 4. Czech translation

released in 1996 by Argo, ISBN 80-7203-037-X as "Bad seed -

zl sme, zivotopis Nicka Cavea".

Italian translation released in october 1996 by Tarab Edizioni

ISBN 88-86675-11-9 as "Nick Cave Il Seme Del Male".

The 1997 Polish version titled "Nick Cave" published by "C&T"

was translated by Maciej Majchrzak and has a supplement

about the last two records, written by Grzesiek Kszczotek.

(ISBN 83-85318-86-0). A Portuguese translation exists as well.

book 1996 "Nick Cave: The Birthday Party and other Epic Adventures" by

Robert Brokenmouth, published by Omnibus. Has also been translated

in Czech.

book 1996 "Stranded...The secret history of Australian independent music 1977-1991"

by Clinton Walker, published by Macmillan Australia, ISBN: 0 7329 0883 3.

346 pages on Australian music with lots of Nick Cave (photos, quotes,

facts) throughout the book.

book ???? "The Love Songs of Nick Cave" by Jillian Birt. USA, limited

edition. Does anyone have more info????

book 1997? "Totem of the Depraved" by Nick Zedd has a part on

Nick Cave 2.13.61, 163 pages.

book 1997? "Fuck off & andere citaten", by Serge Simonart, contains

interviews with Nick Cave, Cohen, Bowie and others. In Dutch.

Uitgever Nijgh & Van Ditmar/Dedalus, 319 pages.

book 1998 "Nick Cave - The Story" is the title of the rerelease of

the above book by Cangioli and Scalise.

The rerelease has 2 new interviews and leaves out the older one.

Sonic Book 014, ISBN 88-7226-442-1.

book 1998 "Suture, The Arts Journal, volume 1" Jack Sargeant, editor,

Creation Books, London, 1998, isbn: 1-871592-70-4

has a lengthy piece on "Ghosts of The Civil Dead":

"Billy Chainsaw, `....inside the mind of a maverick'"

book 1999 "The Life And Music Of Nick Cave - An Illustrated Biography"

by Maximilian Dax & Johannes Beck. Great photobook with a

decent biography, available in two languages from

Die Gestalten Verlag, Berlin.

English: ISBN: 3931126277.

German: ISBN: 3931126293.


* Compilation albums


film 1987 "Dogs In Space", soundtrack features "Shivers". Film also

LP/CD includes snatches of Mr. Clarinet.

Atlantic 7 81789-4

Chase CLPX 14

Mercury, MERH 122

Mercury, 832-748-2

LP/CD 1991 "The Tyranny Of The Beat - Original Soundtracks

From The Grey Area", Contains also E.N. In the corresponding

video, the Boys Next Door are not included.


Mute Records, Mute A GREY 1

2CD 1998 "The Mushroom Story-Hits Of the Eighties Vol.1" contains "Shivers".

Mushroom, Mush 331302

LP/CD 1981 "Nature's Mortes - Still Lives", contains "Mr Clarinet".

4AD CAD 117 (Japan LP, 1981)

4AD (1997 CD rerelease)

WEA Records (USA/Japan)

LP 1982 "Murdered By The Music", Greece. Contains "Mr. Clarinet".

Polygram, STATIK 3108

LP 1982 "Doobie Do", New Zealand. Contains "Mr. Clarinet".

Propeller Records (NZ edition)

film 1982 "Going Down", Sydney film contains "Release The Bats".

CD "1982-Cmj Year In Alternative Music" contains "Nick The Stripper".

CA 1983 "Pleasantly Surprised", cassette includes "The Hair Shirt".

Klark 002

LP 1985 "No Worries", contains "Blundertown" & "After The Fireworks".


LP 1988 "The Peel Sessions - The Sampler", with "Big Jesus Trash Can".

Strange Fruit Records, SFRLP 100

CA "Mixed Peel", mail order cassette contains "Release The Bats"

Strange Fruit Records, NME 033

video "Various Artists" includes "Nick The Stripper"

NME V 002

CA 1992 "Radio Daze, The John Peel Sessions" contains

"Big Jesus Trashcan", free ca with May issue of Vox magazine.

Strange Fruit/Vox GIVIT 3

CD 1992 "Nervous Systems", a Mute sampler with E.N. and C&CS contains

Mutiny In Heaven

In The Ghetto

Mute CD Stumm 41

CD 1992? "The Indie Scene 1981", contains "Release The Bats".

Connoisseur Collection, IBM-81

2CD 1992 "Lilliput", An ultra-fancy limited-edition 4AD compilation

promotional release only to mark 4AD joining with Warner Bros.

Nick The Stripper

4AD, Lilliput

CD 1993 "And Dog Bones Too..." The first 4AD "retail sampler". A

promotional release only sent to stores and radio stations.

Sonny's Burning

4AD, 21512

CD 1994 "In Session Tonight". This book by Ken Garner contains a CD

book which includes the track "Big Jesus Trash Can" from the

Peel session. The book contains info on all Peel sessions.

CD 1998 "Kiddis Got Four Fingers", 4AD sampler contains

"Nick The Stripper".


CD 1998 "Uncut" magazine contains 4AD compilation CD that includes the

"Big Jesus Trash Can".

CD 1998 "1982-Cmj Year In Alternative Music" contains "Nick The Stripper".

2CD 1999 "Alternative Anthems 1-36" contains "Shivers".

film 2000 "Kevin & Perry Go Large", film by Harry Enfield contains

"Release The Bats"

film 2000 "Hamlet", film contains "Hamlet (Pow, Pow, Pow).

film "The Heat", film by Michael Mann contains "Hamlet (Pow, Pow, Pow).

CD 2001 "25 Years of Rough Trade Shops" contains "Mr Clarinet"

and "Tupelo".

Mute, (cdstumm191)




LP 1984 "Rock of 80's, Vol. 5", Greece. Contains "In The Ghetto".

Virgin, VG 50094

2CD "Werners Klopper ausse 80" contains "In the Ghetto"

Ariola,; CD 354 241-263

LP 1987 "Used and Recommended by ...", contains "Black Betty".

Mushroom, White Label Records, L38822

CA 1987 "Gigantic", contains "One Autumn", MM RTD 0.

LP 1989 "Deutschland Strikes Back Vol. 1" compilation has "I Just

Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)".

EP 1989 "Wings Of Desire", sampler containing "From Her To Eternity".

Elektra/Asylum/Nonesuch PR8068

CD 1989 "Mute Tonal Evidence", UK. Contains

The Mercy Seat (live KCRW 3/3/89, from "The Road To ...")

Mute CDNMS 1

CD 1989 "Indie Top 20 Vol V, 'Spirit of the Independents'" contains

The Mercy Seat.

video 1989 "Indie Top Video, take 2" has a Nick Cave song. PMI, UK/89.

video "The Historic Debt" has The Ship Song. Jettisoundz, UK/?.

CA 1990 "Tonal Evidence 2", Mute sampler, UK, with "The Weeping Song".

Mute #MK1

CA 1990 "Red Tape", Mute Sampler contains "Foi Na Cruz".

CD 1990 "Shut Up And Listen", promo mute sampler has a Nick Cave song.

Liberation (Australia) 90/16

film 1990 "The Freshman", this film contains "From Her To Eternity".

LP 1991 "Rodon Live", Greek compilation contains the studio version of

"The Mercy Seat".

POLYGRAM, 515071-1 (LP) 515071-4 (CA)

LP/CD 1991 "International", Mute sampler contains "The Train Song".

Mute Records, STUMM 40

Mute Records, STUMM 46040

CD/CA 1991 "Tonal Evidence", US Mute sampler contains "The Ship Song".

Mute/Elektra catalog #9 61111-2

Mute/Elektra catalog #9 61111-4 (promo cassette)

video 1991 "Exhibit Visible Evidence" contains The Weeping Song. Another

volume apparently contains The Ship Song.

Mutefilm 791148

CD 1992 "The Indie Scene 1984", contains "In The Ghetto".

Connoisseur Collection, IBM-84

CD 1992 "Tonal Evidence 5", contains " Papa Won't Leave You, Henry".

Mute, TEINT 5

CD 1992 "Gas Food Lodging", this soundtrack contains "Lament".

Mute, Ionic 9

LP/CD 1992 "Irish Rock A-Z" contains "What A Wonderful World".

CA Solid Records

CD 1992 "Always On Our Mind: A Tribute To Elvis Presley" contains

"In The Ghetto"

GAB Disc 4679262 (Australia)

CD ?? "Elvis Presley Songbook - Tribute to Elvis" contains

"In The Ghetto".

2CD ?? "Going Underground", has "Straight To You" & "The Mercy Seat".

Eurostart, 39810432

CD "Special CD 74: Pop Goes Wave" contains "Straight To You"

Stereoplay; CD 27100746 A

CD 1992 "Collision" has a Nick Cave song. Australia.

TVD 93373

2CD 1993 "Going Underground Vol. II", has "What A Wonderful World".


CD 1993? "The Alternative Mixture", has "I Had A Dream, Joe".

J&B records

CD 1993 "Volume One", RifRaf (Belgium mag.) with "Straight To You".


CD 1993 "Tonal Evidence 7", contains "The Ship Song" (live).

Mute, TONAL 7

2CD 1994 "Triple J Hottest 100 Vol.1", "The Ship Song (live)"

ABC/EMI 4797462, Australia

CD 1994 "Triple X Records Compilation Number 7", promo CD contains

Sad Dark Eyes (from Sweat)

Triple X, cdpro94 (USA)

CD 1994 The free Mute sampler CD with the Norwegian Rock Furore

magazine contains "Do You Love Me?".

Rock Furore CD 9

CD 1994 "Wave Romantics Vol 1." contains "Do You Love Me?".

Sub Terranean

CD 1994 "Stumme Documente", German Mute promo CD contains

"Do You Love Me?".

CD 1994 "NME Sampler Of The Week" has "Do You Love Me?".

CD 1994 "CMJ" June #11 has "Do You Love Me?".

film 1994 "Dumb and Dumber", this film contains Red Right Hand, but the

available soundtrack does not.

film 1994 "Arisha, the Bear and the Stone Ring", short Wim Wenders

road movie containing music by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

CD 1994 "Ich Bin Ein Enzym: One", CD for subscribers to the Japanese

fanzine contains "Sail Away".

CD 1994 "Lollapalooza" sampler contains "Do You Love Me?" and

"Loverman". Elektra/Warner Bros PRCD 9021-2.

CD 1994 "We're In Your Hands 2" has a Nick Cave song.

2CD "Mute Bank" contains "Nobody's Baby Now."

2CD 1995 "Triple J Hottest 100 Vol.2", "Do You Love Me? Pt.1"

ABC/EMI 4798062, Australia

CD 1995 "Spin's 10th Anniversary Box Set" has a Nick Cave song.


CD 1995 "Mute Sampler" has "Red Right Hand".

Mute/Indisc 2101051.

CD 1995 "Zillo" CD to celebrate the anniv. of the German magazine

contains "The Mercy Seat" (video mix).

Zillo, distr. by EFA

CD 1995? "Undercovers, Volume 2" has "Something's Gotten Hold Of

My Heart".

CD 1995 "Most Wanted 1995", Swedish comp. has "Where The Wild Roses Grow".

2CD 1995 "Best of 1995", free with magazine "Les Inrockuptibles",

includes "Where The Wild Roses Grow".

CD 1995 "MTV Eurochart '95, Vol. 12" has "Where The Wild Roses Grow".

Euromeg 1, 540 791

CD 1995 "Best Deal" contains "From Her To Eternity" and

"Lost In Music" by Anita Lane

Intercord, 1995; 860.283

CD ???? "Absolute Gold" contains "Where The Wild Roses Grow"

Sony Music

CD ???? "Die Popkomm.pilation" contains "Where The Wild Roses Grow"

CD ???? "Exclusiv - Die Welt der Stars Vol.4" contains "Where The

Wild Roses Grow"


CD ???? "Starke Gef; hle IV" contains "Where The Wild Roses Grow"

CD ???? "Together Forever" contains "Where The Wild Roses Grow"

Sony Music

2CD 1996 "Bravo Hits Vol.12" contains "Where The Wild Roses Grow"

WSM, CD 954 834 162-2

2CD 1996 "Neue Hits '96 - International" contains "Where The Wild

Roses Grow"

Ariola, 1996; 21 32829 2-287

2CD 1996 "Ronny"s Pop Show Vol.27" contains "Where The Wild Roses Grow"

Columbia, CD 484050-2

2CD 1996 "Viva liebt Dich" contains "Henry Lee" and "Where The Wild

Roses Grow"

Polystar, 1996; 535 368-2 (2CD)

2CD 1996 "Triple J Hottest 100 Vol.3", "Where The Wild Roses Grow"

ABC/EMI 489342, Australia

CD 1996 "Why Should The French Have All The Fun?", Greenpeace/

Big Day Out Aussie bands compilation has "Plain Gold Ring".

Polydor 527 039-2

CD 1996 "MTV Fresh, Vol. 2" contains "Where The Wild Roses Grow".

2CD 1996 "Top Of The Pops 2" contains "Where The Wild Roses Grow".


CD 1996 "Checklist File 1" contains "Where The Wild Roses Grow".

CD 1996? "Lady In Red Vol 3" contains "Where The Wild Roses Grow".

CD 1996 "Wild", CD with this Danish mag. contains "Knoxville Girl".

CD 1996? "In Your Hands Vol. 2", promo sampler has a Nick Cave song.

4AD/Elektra/Mute PRCD 9001 2.

CD 1996? "Reprise - It's The Music" promo sampler has a Nick Cave song.

CD 1996 "Lollipop 96", promo CD from this festival has "Rainy Night

In Soho".

SIBBAN, Waxegord 002

video 1996 "Ich Bin Ein Enzym 2", video for subscribers to Japanese

fan magazine. Contains "Where The Wild Roses Grow", Loverman",

"Red Right Hand", "Do You Love Me?".

video 1996 "Our Favorite WB and Reprise Videos", promo video contains

"Henry Lee" and "Where The Wild Roses Grow (Bloody Version) ?!"


CD 1996 "Damn Critics Damn Right", Warner Bros promo has a Nick Cave


CD 1996 "Bravo Top Hits" contains "Where The Wild Roses Grow".

CD 1996 Huh magazine's CD sampler #19 (Apr 96), contains "Song of Joy".

film 1996 "A Box Of Moonlight" film by Tom DiCillo, as well as the

CD soundtrack contains "Red Right Hand".

2CD 1996 "The Ultimate Rock Collection: Torhout/Werchter 20 1977-1996"

contains "The Weeping Song".

sPolygram TV 535981-2

CD 1996 "Scream", film and corresponding soundtrack contain

film "Red Right Hand".

TVT records

CD 1997 "MTV Fresh, Vol. 3" contains "Into My Arms".

CD 1997 "Vitaphonic Winter Sampler", Warner Bros promo contains

"People Ain't No Good".

Warner Bros, PRO-CD-8623

CD 1997 "Q 2 The Music", CD for subscribers to Q magazine contains

"Brompton Oratory".

CD 1997 "Ich Bin Ein Enzym 3", CD for subscribers to Japanese

fan magazine. Contains "Knoxville Girl", "Release The Bats",

"The Sweetest Embrace", plus "Candlelit Bedroom" and "The Rose"

from "To Have And To Hold", and "Two Wrongs" from Tex Perkins.

CD 1997 Free CD with "Vox" magazine of May 1997 contains "The Ballad Of

Robert Moore And Betty Coltrane".

film 1997 "True Love and Chaos", the soundtrack to this film with

Noah Taylor contains "The Ship Song".

CD 1997 "Checklist File 3" contains "Into My Arms".

CD 1997 "Rolling Stone Rare Trax Vol. 2", free CD with R.S. Mag. contains

"In The Ghetto".

CD 1997 "In Concert", contains the Live Seeds version of "The Mercy Seat".

Virgin Belgium 7243 8 44228 0

CD 1997?"Beck", Swedish film and soundtrack contains "Stagger Lee".


CD 1997 "Best Alternative" contains "Henry Lee"

PMS, CD 5533782

CD 1997 "Celtic Inspiration Vol.3" contains "What A Wonderful World"

Nectar, 1997; 086NTR

CD 1997 "Gegen den Wind Vol.3" (soundtrack of the German TV series

of the same name) contains "Where The Wild Roses Grow"

Electrola, 1997; 8 56175 2-580

2CD 1997 "Ronny"s Pop Show Vol.29" contains "Into My Arms"

Sony Music Media, CD 487531-2

2CD 1998 "Gl; cksgef; hle" contains "Where The Wild Roses Grow"

Ariola, CD 21 57346 2-226

CD 1998 "Pearls...In The Mood" (presented by the magazine

"Musikexpress Sounds") contains "Crow Jane"

Ariola, CD 21 56489 2-222

film 1998 "The Zero Effect", this film/CD contains "Into My Arms".

CD Sony 69103

CD 1998 "Musikexpress-Sounds 15" April issue of this magazine contains

Are You The One That I've been Waiting For?.

CD 1998 "Indy 2000 Volume 2" contains "Into My Arms".


CD 1998 May issue of Vox magazine contains a CD with "Red Right Hand".

CD 1998 Time Out magazine contains a CD with "Red Right Hand".

CD 1998 December NME magazine contains a CD with "Red Right Hand".

CD 1998 "Lounge Music Vol2." contains "Brompton Oratory".


CD 1998 "Triple J Hottest 100 Vol 5" contains "Into My Arms"


CD 1998 "Good Guys Bad Guys", TV Series soundtrack contains "Into My Arms"

Icon Soundtracks

2CD 1998 "Nocturnal" contains "Where The Wild Roses Grow",

"Do You Love Me?" and "Release The Bats".

Procreate 5559082

CD 1998 "Docteur Chance" film soundtrack contains

film "Stranger Than Kindness"

2CD 1998 "Sanctuary - 26 Gothic Anthems" contains "The Ship Song" and "Shivers".

CD 1998 "Rockets" contains "Where The Wild Roses Grow".

ZYX 55090

2CD 1998 "Most Wanted Love" contains "Where The Wild Roses Grow".

2CD 1998 "Kuschelrock 10" contains "Where The Wild Roses Grow".

Sony 24434

CD 1998 "The Acid House", soundtrack contains "The Sweetest Embrace",

film film also contains "By The Time I Get To Phoenix".


2CD 1998 "...signed, sealed, deLIVID", to celebrate 10 years of

Brisbane's Livid Festival; contains "Straight To You".

Festival Records, D46070

CD 1998 "CD Audiology Of 15 Years Play It Again Sam, Vol.1: Classic Tunes"

contains "Are You The One That I've Been Waiting For?".


CD 1998 "Billboard", soundtrack to this Polish movie contains "Bluebird".

CD 1998 "The Best Of Mute", Japanese compilation contains

Are You The One That I've Been Waiting For?

EMI TOCP 50587

CD 1998 "The Rage Album" contains "Nick The Stripper" and "The Mercy Seat".

CD ???? "The Machine Turns You On, Vol. 1." has a Nick Cave song.

CD 1999 "KrammeRock - The Most Beautiful Lovesongs" contains

Where The Wild Roses Grow


CD 1999 "Zmutowana expressJA czyli technologiczna roza", free Mute sampler

with Polish Magazine Machina, June 1999, contains

Where The Wild Roses Grow

Deanna (Live Seeds)

CD 1999 "Coming In From The Cold: Songs Of Melbourne" has "Deanna".


film 1999 "Sweet Little Sixteen", German movie by Peter Patzak contains

"Stagger Lee" and "Red Right Hand".

film 1999 "Soft Fruit", an Australian movie contains "The Weeping Song".

film "Death 'N Sex" contains "The Ship Song".

CD 1999 "The Metallic Era II" a record of original songs that Metallica

has covered contains "Loverman".

Neat Metal Records

TV 2000 "The Others" on NBC USA featured "Are You The One..."

5CD 2000 "Australia's Ultimate Songs (The 100 Greatest Hits Of The Century)" contains

"Where The Wild Roses Grow"

Liberation (LIBCD2001)

film 2000 British movie features "In The Ghetto"

CD Soundtrack is titled "Intimacy" or "Intimit"

Virgin 7243 8100582 8

film 2000 Swedish movie "Det Nya Landet features "Deanna"

CD 2000 "Hits +", Kylie Minogue compilation contains "Where The

Wild Roses Grow".


TV 2000 "The Band" - Australian documentary has used "Into My Arms"

film 2001 "On The Beach" - Australian film contains "Into My Arms"

film 2001 "He Died With A Felafel In His Hand", Australian movie with

Noah Taylor features two versions of "The Mercy Seat" and

"Into My Arms".

At one point, Noah Taylor's character wonders out loud why

people like to put Nick Cave albums on at 3

o'clock in morning and try to kill themselves.

CD 2001 "Unmade Movie" features As I Sat Sadly By Her Side".

Playground Music (PGMCD 6).


v Songs sampling Nick Cave


Pop Will Eat Itself have used parts of Ghosts... Of The Civil Dead

in their song "PWEI vs. the Moral Majority" on the album

"The Pop Will Eat Itself Cure For Sanity".

TISM (an infamous and anonymous band from Melbourne) use a mock

sample of "Hands Up Who Wants To Die" in "Give Up For Australia",

on their album "Machiavelli and the Four Seasons" (1995) as well as

on the 1996 live album "Machines Against The Rage".

"Remix War" by Pitchshifter contains "Diable" - a song remixed by

Therapy? that has the drums of Sonny's Burning, and the

"Hands Up Who Wants To Die" line, 1995, EARACHE, MOSH 95 CD/LP.

Dutch band LUL ("Lui Uit Leeuwarden") have used the

"Hands Up Who Wants To Die" and Mutiny In Heaven's intro scream

in their song "Little Fate Ironman" from the album "Autolocation"

on p+c eksakt records 042, 1988. Tilburg, Holland.

The album "Nurse" by Therapy? has Nick Cave shouting "Here I am,

motherfuckers" (taken from Ghosts...) at the beginning of the opening

song "Nausea". A&M Records, 540-044-2.

Brisbane band Noose have a song from around 1992 that samples

the line "Officer, come here I'm bleeding..." from Ghosts...

The band 12 Rounds have released an album called

"My Big Hero" on Nothing Records in 1998, which samples

"Red Right Hand" in a song called "Where Fools Go".

Snowpony have sampled "Stranger Than Kindness" on their 1999 album.

Wubble-U have used the "Hands Up Who Wants To Die" scream in

their song "Smoking Pot" from the 2000 album "Where's Wubble-U?".


v Songs related to Nick Cave


May 1979 Roadrunner has a live gig review of La Femme which says one of

their songs, 'The Boys Next Door', is "a cutting, leering attack on the

subject band. So cutting in fact that I have seen members of the BND

leave a party as La Femme launched into the song." The August 1979

Roadrunner had a letter from La Femme's manager denying that the song

was about the band "and in actual fact, the song's lyrics are concerned

with prostitution. I am aware that friction did exist between the two

bands but this remained on more of a jovial level and did revolve

around the said song", but the editor adds that "in private conversation

with the BND. THEY WERE CERTAINLY under the impression that it was

(about them)." Anyone know anything more about this?

It's on La Femme's self-titled LP: Missing Link MLS351 (1980))

(All this thanks Richard Miles!)

Frantic Dogpaddle have a song called "Nick Cave's Smokes".

The Jayhawks have a song called "Poor Little Fish"

on their CD "Sound of Lies", which, of course, mentions Nick.

The Go-Betweens have a song called "Just A King In Mirrors", which is

supposed to be about Nick Cave.

It can be found on the 12" "Part Company" (Sire, Aug. 1984), as well

as on the LP "1979 - 1990" (Beggars Banquet 1990).

In 1986, the band Great Plains recorded a song called "Letter To A Fanzine"

that contained the verse: "Isn't my haircut really intense/

Isn't Nick Cave a genius in a sense?". It appeared on the Homestead Records

compilation "The Wailing Ultimate!" in 1987, and probably on their album

called "Naked at the Buy, Sell and Trade".

The Gun Club's "Bill Bailey" was written about Nick Cave,

so it says in the book "Go Tell The Mountain" on Jeffrey Lee Pierce.

The song appears on the 1987 album Mother Juno (Red Rhino Records).

The Phantom Payn have a song called "Definitions of Cool

(The Cheating Song)" on their 1990 album "Dig The Squares -

They`re Ugly". The record was released on the German label GB 45.

Bongwater have a song called "Nick Cave Dolls", on their album

"The Power Of Pussy", Shimmy Disc, US, 1990.

Painters and Dockers have a song called "You're Suss" that mentions

Nick Cave. From the album "Love Planet" from 1984. Australia.

Rereleased on CD in 1993.

The Jack Of Geeks have released (in 1994?) a single called

"Jack Geek EP - Tribute To Cave, Beefheart and Waits". The songs on

this are: Caveman, Zen Yobbo, LSD Spider. Pictures/drawings of Cave,

Waits and Beefheart are on the cover of this. Exists with two

different designs. On the second, the first song is called

Caveman Blues. Label: Spoon Harvest, Geek 1.

Henry Rollins' "Get In The Van" spoken word CD contains

a track about Nick called "Nick Cave: Diplomat (7.13.84)"

On 2.13.61 Records. The book "Get In The Van" also has

some text on Nick and some photos.

Rollins' "Get on the Bus" apparently also has

something on Nick and Blixa.

Half Man Half Biscuit have done a song called Mr. Cave's A Window

Cleaner Now, a Birthday Party parody in a summer '95 John Peel session.

The Czech band Psi Vojaci (Dog Soldiers) have a song called

"Tak akorat dlouha (sen v realite)" (meaning "Good Enough Long

(The Dream in Reality"). It is from their 1995 album "Brutalni Lyrika"

on Indies records. The lines which mentiones Nick are:

Dlouhy Sao Paulo, Dlouhej Nick Cave, Dlouhy Socialni Pracovnici

Long Sao Paulo, Long Nick Cave, Long Social Workers.

Swedish artist Doktor Cosmos has a Swedish song called "Dagen"

(the day, in English) which mentions buying a Nick Cave record.

It can be found on the 1995 album "Socialmedicin", released by

North of No South Records.

TISM has a song called Morrison Hostel that mentions Nick Cave.

Great Truckin' Songs Of The Renaissance - LP Sept 1988, and on their

1992 EP The Beasts Of Suburban, we have Tony Cohen mentioning The

Birthday Party.

The Whitlams from Australia have a hidden track at the end of their

latest album "Eternal Nightcap". In it, there is a guy with a scottish

accent talking about band members and at one time he says:

"I coulda been Nick Cave".

Jeffrey Lee Pierce mentioned Nick on his Wildweed album in the song

"Hey Juana": "Nicky Cave is burning all his pay, on a bottle of gin -

and a shark without a fin, yeah".

Lydia Lunch has an intimate story called "One Dreary Night" in her

book Incriminating Evidence, published on Last Gasp, which is

"Dedicated in loving memory to the ghost of Nick Cave-past".

Rick Klaus Theis (who did the 1984 Stache's video!) has a poem called

"Nick Cave Bender" in his 1996 poem "Recycled Words".

The Shrink from Prague have a song called "Nick Cave" on their

1999 album.

Tug Dumbly has done a song called "Another Nick Cave Song" on JJJ radio.

And of course, "Sick Man" by Foetus from the "Hole" album is about

Nick, though he is not explicitly mentioned.